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Hello all!

For you dear non-locals who are worried about the transport, please read the following :

From the AIRPORT :

  • To the centre of Toulouse in 30 minutes (where the church is): you can take a coach (5€) or a taxi (around 20€).
  • To Bruguieres in 20 minutes (where the reception venue is): you can take a taxi (around 20€) or call us to check if someone can give you a lift (please call us on the house landline and try on your French skills on the phone with my mum and dad : +33 5 61 82 54 90)

From the church (Toulouse centre):

  • To Bruguieres in 25 minutes : you will be offered a lift by some nice French guest. The ushers are going to take care of you all.
  • To somewhere else : you can take a taxi to your hotel or wherever you fancy going between the Church and the reception. You can use this company to book taxis, they speak English

From the reception (Bruguieres) the night of the 28th:

  • to the centre of Toulouse in 25 minutes : we have pre-booked some taxis for you to go back safely to Toulouse. The fare for the trip is around 50€. Please get in touch with one of the ushers when you want to leave the reception.
  • to a nearby hotel (Le Barry) : you can either walk (30 minutes walk, sobre) or get in touch with the ushers : someone will definitely be able to give you a lift.

From the reception (Bruguieres) the following days:

  • to the airport (20 minutes) : please get in touch with us then, we will either give you a lift or book a taxi for you.
  • to anywhere else : you can book a taxi anytime at

We are very much looking forward to it! See you very soon !!!!

Marion and Nicholas


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